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Rik Launching from Deadman's Mountain in Savona British Columbia
Rik is the owner operator of Wisconsin Hang Gliding L.L.C. He has been flying hang gliders for 3 decades. Rik currently holds, an advanced hang glider rating, tandem hang gliding instructor ratings, foot launch instructor and more. Not to mention Rik is a rated tug pilot which is a unique rating, essential to towing hang gliders aloft here in the midwest.

Please read Rik's story below, which outlines his past in flying

Rik's Story

I have pretty much been fascinated with aviation since I was a toddler. I remember shopping with my parents, back when I was three years old, I took a hand full of small plastic airplane models and pocketed them. They were later found in my pants that evening. It was pretty hard to convince my parents that i just found them outside somewhere seeing we lived out in the country on a farm. In my youth I had never passed up a chance to stop by an airport, remote control airplane base, etc. Most of my youth I lived just a couple of miles from a small grass airstrip that serviced local airplanes. There was also a river parellel to the grass strip that sea planes used to fly out of a few times a day on weekends. I used to spend countless hours waiting for the infrequent flight coming from there.

Accross the road from where i lived was a huge public field that I used to fly those big diamond shape kites. My dad taught me how to make and fly them. Over time the kites I built just got bigger and bigger. Eventually the kite line was almost light rope. Tail on the ground the kites were over my head by far when I stood them up. I used to get them so high. I remember using up to 800 feet of line one time! When the kites got that big I usually did not get them back. I was happy if I could get most of my line retrieved after a long afternoon flight. I enjoyed tieing them to the fence when I went in for lunch. I would pretty much leave them there for the day and wait till they either broke or the wind died and they ended up in a tree at the edge of the river. I swore I would start building kites large enough to take up a person someday.

But then one day as I was watching tv I saw hang gliding. That's it!! That's what I wanted to do. From there it was just a matter of time till I had the opportunity and the money to begin. I was 18 years old when I started and have been flying hang gliders ever since. Fortunately I grew up living in the mountains. At that time the mountains were the only places hang gliders were flown. Eventually I did get my sport aircraft license and several years ago I also achieved my pilots license with instrument rating.

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Rik Performing his daring hang gliding stunt for the Tommy Bartlett show.

"Life is a gift and it's too short to let it pass by and not experience all the opportunities that it has to offer.
You need a balance though. Spirituality, Health and Recreation."

Rik has lived in Wisconsin for 13+ years. He still returns to the mountains at least once every year. When Rik is not flying he has other hobbies such as snowboarding, skateboarding, long boarding, biking, cycling,running, water skiing, motor cycling, and much more.

Hang gliding with Rik was a very positive experience. It was easy to set up an appointment and Rik called to confirm the day before (dependent on weather conditions). We got extremely lost and were about an hour late, but Rik was totally accommodating and understanding. I went with 3 of my friends and we all had a great time. Rik also offers a video of your hang gliding experience for the low price of $39!. I have been skydiving before, and I definitely preferred hang gliding as it was more peaceful and the customer service was better. I will definitely be going back next season! So much fun, we loved it It was a great time & not scary one bit for someone who hates heights! Rik and his team did a great job in making this an enjoyable safe experience. I'd recommend this to anyone looking for a little adventure. Fantastic, fun & friendly! Great experience, friendly staff, and what a rush! Very good time great people that run the company. Great personality and experience. It was fantastic! They were very enjoyable to work with, explained everything and the ride was terrific . I definitely want to go gliding again and will definitely refer anyone who is at all interested in going hang gliding to go to Wisconsin Hang Gliding LLC. I was surprised that it really required no physical effort on my part. It was fun but I wish my time up had been longer! The owner and pilot were very helpful and friendly. Very safe and enjoyable trip! It was a great experience! The guys were really nice and I would highly recommend it! Rik was great. I would recommend Wisconsin Hang Gliding to anyone who wants to experience something out of the ordinary. Had a great time. We had so much fun! Worth every penny! Wonderful experience. Great instructors. GREAT TIME!! Friendly staff. Our son enjoyed his ride so much he wants to do it again. First appointment had to be cancelled due to high winds. Received a call early in the morning before we left Very exciting and nice people to work with Rik & The Pilot were both Wonderful!!! Great experience! For those that want pursue their interest in the sport, I would not hesitate in recommending Rik. Awesome adventure! Best time ever and groupon made it affordable. . 1st year anniversary surprise and now am the best husband.. Flew a huge PAPER airplane! Rick was awesome, hang gliding was alot of fun! Wonderful people and an amazing experience. All the people were super friendly and gave me a great experience! Rik was easy and accommodating to work with. The staff was super sweet and my kids had a blast! We had a wonderful time. The entire experience was very professionally conducted and we are thinking of returning soon! Great experience for my 14 year old daughter. Owner was super friendly! Rik was terrific. Had a great time. Love trying new things and Groupon gives us perfect way to do it, at less cost. This place is pretty far from home, but the experience was fun, unique and the folks running the business were friendly and professional. I highly recommend them. Very professional but also casual so we were relaxed and comfortable with this new experience. Will definitely recommend this business to others.